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Welcome to my art how-to site!

May 31, 2009

Hello and welcome to my blog!

I never really thought I’d find myself writing a blog as I have always thought of them as journals, but after much research, I think it will be the most effective way to share my knowledge about art.

I see this site becoming almost an encyclopedia of art techniques. I plan to feature very basic lessons, such as “how to shade,” as well as more specific tutorials like “how to draw a portrait.” I also plan to cover more technical topics such as “how to photograph your work” and “how to enhance your drawings on the computer.”

When I first began teaching myself how to draw, I used online tutorials extensively. I hope that I can help others in the same way to improve their drawing and other art skills.

I plan on starting with very basic drawing lessons, as I believe good drawing skills are the basis for all artwork. Drawing principles can be applied to almost all other media, so stay tuned! My first article will be about “how to see,” ways to re-train the brain to see the world differently.

Remember, anyone can draw! It just takes practice!

One Comment
  1. It’s good to see someone passionate about sharing knowledge with others. That’s what it’s all about: people helping each other. I’ll make sure to stop by from time to time.

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