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Western Front – Abstract Oil Painting

June 26, 2009

I thought I’d add a category to show the pieces I’m currently working on. This piece has been in progress for the past week or so and I’ve just finished it up today. It’s funny how some paintings are a real struggle, and some come together so easily. This was one of the ones where everything just seemed to work right off the bat! I love it when that happens!

Under painting

Here is my acrylic underpainting. I use a bright colour for the underpaintings to indulge myself and to keep myself excited about the painting.


Oil Painting - First Layer

After the first layer oils in sienna and ochre. I love how the bright blue peaks through and contrasts against the more neutral colours.


Oil Painting - second layer

After filling in the blue areas and fleshing out the brown shapes. The centre is a mix of alizarin and burnt sienna. I like working the different colours into the whole of the painting, it makes the piece much more unified.


Oil Painting - Finishing touches

And here is the final product after a few finishing touches! You can see that there are still places where the blue underpainting comes through.


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