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Finding Inspiration and Creativity

August 6, 2009

drawing-of-water-glassWhen it comes to creativity and inspiration, Nike has the answer: just do it! If you’re feeling uninspired, the best way to get back into art is to “just do it.” Draw, paint, doodle, collage, whatever. Get in there and do something without worrying about whether it’s good enough of whether it is a Piece of Art.

I am currently in a post-holiday slump… I just got back from spending three weeks in England and Scotland and I’m not quite sure what to do with myself. Throughout the entire trip I would have killed for some paints. I did bring a sketch book but rarely sat still long enough to get any drawing done. Now that I’m home… the inspiration is gone.

So, I’m taking my own advice and doing some life drawing. For lack of anything better, I chose this partially full water glass.

I used to love drawing glass. The intricacy of the reflections and distortions are fascinating to me, but with my focus on abstract painting, I haven’t done this kind of work in ages. This will be good practice.

Here is a great list of some strategies for finding your creativity.

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