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21 Ways to Kickstart your Creativity and Become a Better Artist

August 7, 2009

We artists, more than those in any other profession, have to stay on our toes and continually challenge ourselves to go to the next level. Being an artist can be very isolating. Often, we are accountable only to ourselves and that means that we can be at risk of getting stuck in a rut. It is up to us to be critical of our own work to make sure we keep moving forward with our practice. Here is a list of some strategies you can use to get your creative juices flowing.


In the Studio

1. Challenge yourself to spend a certain number of hours in the studio each week.

2. Paint or draw something you wouldn’t normally. Different Strokes from Different Folks has great images.

3. Paint the same thing over and over again, improving or changing something each time.

4. Challenge yourself to a painting a day.

5. Paint or draw from life.

6. Paint with a colour that makes you uncomfortable.

7. Paint in the style of your favorite artist.

8. Paint in a style you don’t particularly like.

9. Paint or draw something in as many different mediums as you can.

10. Try a new medium.

11. Use a grid to work from a photo.

12. Spend ten minutes a day in your sketch book.

13. Try working very small, or very large.


Get Inspired!

14. Look through old artwork for ideas to re-visit.

15. Use an old drawing in a collage.

16. Copy an artwork you admire.

17. Visit local galleries.

18. Study your favorite artist and ask yourself what it is about their work that you like.

19. Join an online community. WetCanvas is a great one for inspiration and support.


Out and About

19. Carry a sketch book with you everywhere.

20. Attend gallery openings and visit with other artists.

21. Sketch or paint in plein air.

  1. I just love your posts, they are so helpful! I really need to spend some time going through all that I haven’t read yet!

  2. Mashi permalink

    Nice hints!
    And by the way, I’m glad that I have found your blog ^^ I go here everytime when I need help.

    • Hello! Nice to see you again; I’m glad you found these tips helpful, they are strategies that I use myself!

  3. Nemu permalink

    Wow! These tips ARE helpful! I have yet to find another art website that helps me as much as this one!

  4. Emily permalink

    thanx a lot it helped but i still need some help in becoming a great and noticed artist.

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