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The Dot: Inspiring Art Book for Kids (and Adults!)

August 10, 2009

the-dotThe Dot

By Peter H. Reynolds

It’s too bad we couldn’t all have art teachers like the one of the heroine of this book. When Vashti complains that she can’t draw, her teacher suggests that she “just make a mark.” This sets Vashti off on a creative adventure, making every kind of dot imaginable.

This book teaches kids and grown-ups the importance of exploration and the unique creativity in something so simple as a dot. It proves the point that everyone is creative and unique in their own way. Maybe you can’t draw like Da Vinci, but what can you do? This story is a lesson about finding what interests you and diving into it head first, regardless of the consequences. Perfect for children, I think this story is even more relevant to many adults.

To me, this book expressed the importance of repetition and in-depth exploration of one subject. Each of Vashti’s dots, while only a dot, is a whole new experience.

Aside from a great story, Reynolds includes some wonderful illustrations.

Also, check out Ish, another book about art and creativity from Reynolds. I haven’t read it, but from looking at Amazon, it looks good too!


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  1. Shirley Keller permalink

    Enjoyed your art. I am late in life artist, little formal training, just exploring like the kid in the dot book. Also enjoy your tips and will try some of them. Take care and thanks for the contact thru Twitter (following).

    • Hi Shirley! Thanks for visiting, it’s nice to hear from other artists. Exploring is a good place to be whether you’re an experienced artist or just begining! Hope to see you back here!

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