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Willow Charcoal – Wingback Chair Drawing

August 11, 2009

wingback-chair-drawingHere is the latest in my attempt to get back into drawing in my sketchbook and working from life. This is the view from my couch!

The chair was a lucky find at Value Village. I’d always wanted a wingback and one day, there it was! It’s covered in a very retro blue velvet. Eventually, I plan on learning how to re-upholster furniture and then I will cover it in something more contemporary.

I did this drawing in willow charcoal. I love willow charcoal! It’s a very soft, delicate type of charcoal that gives a very richly textured gray. If regular charcoal is like wood or metal, willow charcoal is like velvet. It’s easy to blend and great for building up layers. If you haven’t tried it, I recommend you do!

There’s something about the simplicity and starkness of this composition that really strikes me. I find myself drawn to this image. It has an everyday sort of feel, but at the same time it seems a little unnatural and out of place.

I have an urge to paint this image. I did a series of still life paintings a couple years back that had simple compositions, and this reminds me of them. There’s a canvas on my easel right now that used to be an abstract painting. It wasn’t going well so I painted it out completely.

I think I’m going to go play!


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