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5 Subscribe-Worthy Artist Blogs

September 14, 2009

My plan for today was to do an ear tutorial, but alas I ran out of daylight before I could finish (daylight being necessary for the documentation of the drawing process). I have to apologize for my recent lack of meaty posts. I’ve just started back at work after having two months off and I’m re-adjusting to my new schedule. Add to that planning a surpirse birthday party for my other half and suddenly it’s that much harder to find time to paint and blog and everything else!

In leiu of the ear tutorial, I bring you a list of five bloggers that I follow!

One of the advantages of this kind of blog that I didn’t expect has been the network of other artist bloggers I’ve found. The internet is full of artists sharing their ideas, their techniques, their troubles and challenges. Here are a few art blogs that I have come to know and love, and I hope you will too!

Don’t forget to check out 5 MORE Subscribe-Worthy Artist Blogs.


Art Biz Blog by Alyson Stanfield

This blog is a great resource for art business and marketing ideas. Here you’ll find informative, in-depth articles, as well as some lively discussion in the comments section. Reader participation is encouraged, especially on “Deep Thought Thursdays.”


Creative Influences by Kim Rodefferfunk

Kim is another artist/blogger who shares not only her own artwork, but also ideas and inspiration. Kim is incredibly warm and supportive and goes out of her way to create an online network of artists. This blog is full of hints and tips which Kim offers up through her own experiences. You’ll also find tons of links to interesting and helpful sites on this blog.


Stan Prokopenko’s Blog

I’ve referred to Stan’s blog several times before, and it’s worth another mention! This site has some excellent tutorials on how to draw facial features, as well as information on painting and basic studio practices. Not to mention, Stan has also figured out a way to make a professional portfolio for ten dollars!


The Art News Blog

This blog has been in operation for five years now and it’s a perfect place to go for recent art headlines and some accompanying conversation. Although the updates have been somewhat infrequent lately, this one is worth a mention for the interesting commentary on contemporary art.


OrbisPlanis by Byrne Smith

Byrne’s mission is to inspire us all to be better artists. He provides instructional articles as well as educational ones. He is constantly expanding his artistic horizons and sharing everything he has learned with the rest of the world.


There you go, five artist blogs that you should go and subscribe to… right now!

Are you an artist who blogs? Leave a comment with a link back to your blog so that I can check it out!


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  1. I’ve been trying to follow more cool art blogs lately, so thanks so much for this post!

  2. Miranda: Thank you for this kind recommendation. I am honored to be among such esteemed company!

    • Joel, glad to be of help! These blogs definitely deserve your readership!

      Alyson, thanks for stopping by! I very much enjoy your wonderful blog and all your great ideas!

  3. thanks for the great links!

  4. Hi Miranda:)
    Thanks so much for your visit to my blog, and your comment! Your musings here are very interesting. And it sure IS difficult to keep the balance while doing it all. However, I’ll be back:)

  5. Hello Miranda, I am so honored to be on this wonderful list. Thank you so very much. I am also grateful for the introduction of a few artists I do not know. I will be visiting some blogs!

    I completely understand about being able to get to blogging lately. I think you are among good company as I have noticed bloggers are really focused on some studio work. My desire is the economy is about to break and artists are preparing for the joy! 🙂 The thing is take your time, because the best work comes out of absorbing all you need when the opportunities arise. Good luck with your adventure back to working full time. That is a challenge to be sure.

    Thank you, again!

    Kim PS Andrea is an amazing, very special artist.

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