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Design Your Own Business Card Display Stands

November 3, 2009


Lately I’ve been mulling over the idea of finding some businesses that are willing to display my business cards. I’m looking mostly at kids’ clothing stores, since the people who shop there would be more likely to want a portrait, but I didn’t want to just drop off a stack of business cards. I also didn’t want to pay money for an expensive, generic stand that I may or may not get back.

I started browsing the net for a simple design to make my own display stand for my business cards, but was disappointed at what I found, so I decided to design  my own!  I wanted something simple and affordable, but also professional and attractive.

Lucky for you, I’m sharing my design!

Here is the generic plan, which you can draw or print on a piece of heavy card. The dimensions are all in inches, designed to hold a standard 2″ x 3″ business card.

It’s pretty straight forward, but all you need to do is cut on the solid lines and fold on the dotted lines. An easy way to make a nice crisp fold is to score the line using the wrong side of an exacto knife and a ruler. Fold in the tabs and hold in place with glue or double-sided tape. The tabs in the back fold out and hold the display stand upright.

The best part is that you can customize this basic design any way you want! You can cut the front or back piece into a different shape. I used a circular form. Depending on how computer savvy you are, you can also take the design into a program like CorelDraw and add a graphic to the back like I’ve done. If you don’t need a stand for business cards, but are looking for something to display post cards or greeting cards, just change the dimensions.




  1. This is fantastic! I may just use this idea for my next vendor fair. I can’t find a card holder I really like. Thank you for sharing!

    • Thanks for the comment, Jennifer! I hope it works out well for you at the next fair!

  2. Miranda, what a good idea, and it looks very neat and professional. I’m thinking it could be hung on a wall, too (without the ‘legs’ sticking out, natch).

    • Hi Charlie! You’re right; I just dropped one off at a store where it will be hanging on the bulletin board!

  3. Marnie permalink

    You are brilliant!!! This is a fantastic idea and I’m making several tonight. Thank you so much for sharing your idea.

  4. A very professional looking business card is really very important in promoting your business. It makes good impression among customers.”.;

  5. jen permalink

    What a fantastic idea! Thanks so much for sharing. Can’t wait to try my hand at making one.

  6. you can always create great business cards by just using adobe photoshop and some other photoediting tools ‘

  7. I wish I was computer savvy, but im hoping a little double sided tape will do! Thank you very much for your idea! ❤

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