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5 MORE Subscribe-Worthy Artist Blogs

November 19, 2009

A couple of months ago, when I was still very new to blogging, I shared with you a couple of excellent artist blogs that I had discovered. Since then, I have found even more great artists who blog!

Most of these were discovered through Twitter, either by the authors themselves or through links. I never thought I’d love Twitter as much as I do, but it’s an excellent way to share information!

One of the most unexpected and most rewarding parts of blogging is the people you meet and the connections you make, so get ready to be introduced to some amazing artists bloggers!



Lori Mcnee

This blog is an absolute wealth of information on painting tips and techniques as well as self promotion. Lori is an artist who paints realistic images of landscapes, wildlife and still life compositions, and she shares her years of expertise with her audience.


Dirty Footprints Studio by Connie Hozvicka

The Dirty Footprints Studio is a wonderful place to have fun and get messy! This blog chronicles Connie’s journey to the “Creative Juicy Life,” and offers lots of little “creative juicy” tid bits along the way. If you’re looking for ideas, inspiration and creativity, this is the place to go! 


Self vs. Self by Hazel Dooney

In a slightly different vein, Hazel Dooney is a well known Australian artist who shares her art, her experiences, and her struggles through her blog. Although her art may not be to your tastes, her articles are widely relevant and offer an incredible insight to the art business. Hazel is wonderfully eloquent and sometimes painfully honest. This is a great blog about an artist finding success on her own terms in what is very much a man’s world.


The Soon-to-be-More Famoust Artist Named Nemo

And if you’re looking for some man-power amongst all these women, check out Nemo’s blog! Nemo does some amazing things with spirals and concentric circles and is becoming a successful commercial artist through determination, hardwork and persistence. He shares his experiences and his work in this blog.


Jennifer King’s Blog for Artists

Last, but certainly not least is Jennifer’s blog. I have only recently discovered this one and haven’t had the chance to dig through the archives yet, but from the articles I’ve read, this is a jem! Jennifer is an artist and former editor of several art magazines and shares her marketing and promotion experiences. Full of useful information and helpful tips, this blog is another must-read!


Don’t just read, subscribe! You won’t regret it!


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  1. I just checked out your site via Twitter and noticed that you added me to this great list! Thanks for including me, Lori McNee & FineArtTips to you blog post. It is great for us artist/bloggers to stick together & help each other out. What blesses one, blesses all!

    Best – Lori

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