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My Favorite Birthday Present

November 24, 2009

art supply tool box

As some of you know, it was my birthday this weekend. I turned the ‘big’ two-five! I had a wonderful weekend including a surprise dinner with my parents and an overnight stay at a lakeside bed and breakfast. In short, I was spoiled!

And what birthday is complete without gifts? I was also spoiled in that department, receiving snazzy purple earphones for my ipod, a few of my favorite books, some driving gloves and comfy, fuzzy slippers! But my most favorite gift of all this year? An ancient tool box!


art supply tool box

This relic had been in my parents’ garage for nearly ten years. Before that, it belonged to my uncle, who passed away when I was in high school. Who knows how long he had it, but this baby was definitely made back when things were built to last!

My dad recently hauled it out and asked me if I wanted it. It was covered in rust and full of junk, but how could I resist?

On my birthday, my dad presented it to me. He had lovingly cleaned it out, scrubbed it free of rust, and painted the bottom jet black and the insides fire engine red. Still smelling of fresh paint, it was a thing of beauty!

You may be wondering what in the world this has to do with art. Well, my constructed paintings are made with traditional carpentry tools: hammer and nails, wood glue, skill saw, screws and screw driver. These are the tools of my trade, and I consider them to be as important as my paint and brushes. Also, being a female and wielding these ‘masculine’ tools makes me feel special!

This empty tool box is full of promise and potential. I am very much looking forward to filling it up with all my bits and pieces. I love its family connection, and the fact that it’s old. There’s not a single one like it in the whole world!

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