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Experimenting with Deconstruction and Another Portrait

December 11, 2009

deconstructed-abstract-paintingAs usual, I’m working on a couple of projects. A major theme lately has been portraits. I’ve been super busy because of Christmas. I thought I was working on my last commission of the year when I was approached about one more.

It’s a last minute request, and a big one. I am doing a large portrait of an entire family, twelve people in total. I’m still not sure how big the drawing will be, it all depends on the size of the faces. I meet with the client tomorrow to discuss details. It’s kind of a special request that I might not have taken otherwise. Assuming I can get started tomorrow, I’m going to have to draw at least one face a day to finish it before Christmas. Not impossible, but it means I’m going to have to manage my time very well!

portrait-of-two-boysIn the meantime, this is the drawing that I need to finish before I start my big project. This drawing is for my boss, Dana. She previously commissioned a portrait of her partner running a marathon. These are her kids and this will be a Christmas gift for her mother!

I’ve had a little bit of time to work on some abstract pieces lately too. One idea I’m really excited about is the idea of deconstructing wooden furniture and turning it into an art object. What interests me about this is the idea that the arrangement of pieces is what makes an object what it is. By taking it apart and rearranging it, it stops being an object, even though all the pieces are still present.

My other venture has been the deconstruction of my paintings on canvas (as in the first picture). These works had kind of stalled and had started feeling un-interesting to me. The act and process of painting them was a very valuable experience for me, but as art the paintings weren’t doing much. I started by cutting a canvas into twenty-five squares and re-arranging them. The act of gluing down and ripping up stretched the canvas, creating an interesting texture. I’m still not sure where I’m going with this, but  it’s always liberating to destroy your own work!


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  1. Hi Miranda, this sounds like a very challenging project, I see you must be good on working with pressure:)

    What I like is that you are working in many different areas, you do abstract “research” and also figurative art….I feel very much related to this way of working.
    This portrait here already looks great, good luck for the family portrait, if you’ll do it.
    Have a good time with all your art,

  2. Hi Miranda,

    I saw one of your deconstructed canvases at the Rotary Centre for the Arts yesterday. It was in a group show. It totally caught my eye and I wondered immediately if it was one of yours. It was so cool to see your name under the piece and to actually know you!

    It did have cool texture and looked very raw and edgy. It would look great in a pub or a cool cafe.

    I am amazed that you are going to do a family portrait of 12 people. It’s totally the 12 days of Christmas! You’ll have to make a song to go with it.
    “On the first day of Christmas, I sat down to draw with glee,
    an outline of what you’ll see.
    On the second day of Christmas, I sat down to draw with glee,
    two cutie pies and an outline of what you’ll see.
    On the third day of Christmas, I sat down to draw with glee,
    three best friends, two cutie pies and an outline of what you’ll see.
    On the fourth day of Christmas, I sat down to draw with glee,
    four collared shirts, three best friends, two cutie pies and an outline of what you’ll see.
    etc. 🙂

    Good luck! and let us know how it comes along,


    • Hi Andrea! Yes, I do find that I work most effectively when I’m under pressure, but that doesn’t meant there won’t be a few meltdowns along the way, lol! I like working in so many different areas; I feel like it allows me to explore the different parts of my personality. And thanks for the vote of confidence!

      Kendra, thanks for stopping by! Lol, you’re crazy, but your song isn’t half bad! How was the show at the Alternator? I haven’t been able to check it out yet, aside from when I dropped my painting off. I think I might have been a little crazy to accept this commission, but I really didn’t want to say no! I keep calculating how many faces I will have to draw a day to have it finished in time, haha!

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