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Top 5 Websites for Artists

January 3, 2010

I’ve already shared with you ten artist blogs that I love, and now I’ve picked my 5 favorite websites for artists. These are more collective sites, with various artists sharing information. If you’re trying to find ideas and inspiration, learn a new technique, or tips on being an artist and marketing yourself, you will be able to find it on one of these sites. If all else fails, you can always ask at the forums and get advice from a variety of other artists. As artists, we are continually learning, and whatever it is you want to know, you’ll be sure to find it here!


Art Instruction Blog

 This site has a collection of articles separated into the categories of drawing and painting. Each of these categories is quite broad, however. For example, drawing covers pencils, coloured pencils, charcoal, etc. The articles range from tutorials on specific techniques and subjects to general lessons on how to get started.


Fine Art Views

Fine Art Views is another blog with a group of artists submitting content. I’ve found the articles to be very well written and helpful. You can scroll through the most recent articles, or take a look at the extensive categories on the left-hand side to browse through the archives.



 I’ve mentioned this site before and will again because it’s such a great resource. I’m a member of the forums and have gotten a lot of good advice over the years. Wetcanvas is a large site with a huge list of articles to read, a very active forum and also a reference image library full of pictures taken by WC members.


Art Bistro

 I’ve only recently discovered Art Bistro, but it looks like another great site. It focuses on a broad range of art and design careers and has advice on becoming an artist. There are also “how-to” articles, a discussion forum, and an option to create an online portfolio of your work. Another thing that looks interesting are their quizzes for artists.


Empty Easel

This is another great site with a plethora of how to articles ranging from art tutorials to art marketing. Empty Easel is easy to navigate, its articles divided into categories and subcategories.


The great thing about all of these sites is that they are a collection of information from a large group of artists. This means that you get different points of view and different areas of expertise.

Another thing to consider is that many of these sites accept article submissions. Whatever it is you do, perhaps there is something you can share with other artists!


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  1. Thanks so much for these links. While I know many of them, Fine Art Views is a new one for me. I look forward to exploring this site…I love art articles.

    I wish for you the Very Happiest of New Years!

    • Hi Kim! Thanks for stopping by. I love discovering new art sites. There is such a wealth of information out there!

  2. I really appreciate your including my blog in your list of favorites! I enjoy all the information and how-to’s on LearnToArt and have a reciprocle link on OrbisPlanis. Thanks, again!

    • Hi Byrne! Thanks for the link, much appreciated! I really enjoy reading your thoughts on your blog!

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