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Artist Fan Pages on Facebook: Re-visited

February 10, 2010

facebook-logoAbout four months ago I started my fan page on Facebook, and wrote about the who, what, where, and why of fan pages for artists. I also promised an update  on the progress of my fan page.

Well, I can’t say that my fans have sky rocketed, sales have taken off and I’m now a famous, world-class artist.

I can say that I currently have 86 fans. Most of these are my friends and family, who are also my Facebook friends. A lot of them, though, are people I don’t know. People who have found me through their friends, through Twitter, or through this blog.

This is cool becuase it gives me access to people that I wouldn’t know otherwise.

I use my fan page as sort of a catch-all for my art related activities. I post my best blog articles on there, my latest portrait commissions, my recent abstract paintings, deals and promotions, art classes, workshops… anything I think people might be interested in.

The beauty of this type of marketing is that you never have to feel bad about promoting yourself; your audience has already expressed their interest in what you’re doing and given you permission to include them in your marketing efforts. The only people who are fans are those who want to be fans.

Also, while my fan page hasn’t generated a huge amount of sales, it has facilitated a few commissions that I wouldn’t have had otherwise.

One of my worries about starting a fan page was the amount of time it would take to manage it. So far, this has been a non-issue. Because I share most of my work and news on this blog and my other websites already, all I need to do is “share” the link on Facebook. A fan page actually requires very little work.

Benefits of Facebook Fan Pages

  • easy way to reach lots of people
  • not a huge time commitment
  • exposure to people you don’t know
  • free marketing to an already interested audience
  • opportunities for new clients/commissions
  • networking
  • keeping in touch with clients

Still on the fence? If you’re already active on Facebook, a fan page is definitely worth the small amount of effort. Try it out and see what happens. If you want more info, read Fan Pages for Artists.

And if you’re on Facebook, come join me at my fan page!

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