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Where Painting Meets Sculpture

July 28, 2010

red and orange abstract paintingWhen does painting become sculpture? I have no idea, but perhaps I’ll find out!

I’ve been doing a lot of work on my abstract art recently. I’m working on a new series that involves the re-arranging of a canvas cut into 25 squares. As the paintings progress, they’re becoming more and more three dimensional. They began as layers of wood, but I’m experimenting with putting spacers between the layers, creating more depth.

Part of my strategy is working on more than one piece at a time. This lets me play with different ideas and different colour schemes while working within the same parameters.

To read more about my process and thoughts about this piece, visit the news page at my abstract art site. I’m going to be treating this section as a blog, updating it when I finish new paintings and talking about my approach to my abstract work.

To keep up with my abstract art, you can also subscribe to the RSS feed or my newsletter.

I’m finishing up three other abstract pieces based on a red/orange colour scheme, working on two smaller,┬ámonochromatic pieces and a larger contrasting piece. My studio has taken over the entire house and it’s great!


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