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The “Get Your Art Into a Gallery” Checklist

August 23, 2010

art gallery checklistA couple of weeks ago I talked about the importance of informally acknowledging your goals. This practice can help you begin the process of breaking an overwhelming aspiration into manageable steps, an essential part of attaining your goals.

Probably the most common and overwhelming of an artist’s goals is that of getting a gallery exhibition. What do you need to do? Where do you start?

Here is a checklist of the steps I believe are necessary to prepare you for applying for a gallery exhibition. Where you are in your art career will determine where you are on the checklist. Obviously many of these steps will require time and dedication. This isn’t something you can do in an afternoon! If you are early in your career, it may take a year or more before you’re ready to apply for an exhibition.

For a  more detailed explanation of any of the steps, click on the links provided.

The “Get Your Art Into a Gallery” Checklist

check-boxCreate a cohesive body of work.

check-boxFrom your body of work, select the art for your proposal.

check-boxGet good quality documentation of your selected works.

check-boxResearch galleries to find the right venue for your art and find out their submission guidelines.

check-boxWrite an artist statement.

check-boxWrite a proposal outlining the details of your exhibition.

check-boxCreate your artist resume or CV detailing your education and accomplishments as an artist.

check-boxWrite a short cover letter to each gallery introducing yourself and your art.

check-boxAssemble your exhibition proposal.

check-boxEnsure that your entire package is presented in a professional way.

Once your exhibition package is complete, you are ready to ship it out to your intended galleries! Don’t forget to check their submission deadlines.

Also remember that you probably will not hear back for several months. It takes time for the curators to go through every submission.

Extra Advice: Keep track of the galleries you’ve applied to and their responses. Don’t get discouraged by a “thanks but no thanks” letter. You can always try again the following exhibition year!

  1. Cool, there is some great information to drive through here, thanks!

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