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Drawing, There’s More to it Than Just Pencils

July 25, 2011

Think drawing is all about the pencil and paper? Think again!

Sure, the pencil is the most traditional of drawing tools, along with charcoal and and ink, but there are many other mediums that can be used for drawing, including materials you might think are reserved for kids. Don’t limit yourself to tradition, try something new:

1. Coloured Pencil – Pretty much the same as pencil crayons, these let you build up luminous layers of colours, resulting in vibrant and rich works. Check out a some coloured pencil inspiration to see what can be achieved.

2. Pastel – Pastels are available as dry, dusty chalk, or thick, wet oils. Each has its own benefits and each can create beautiful pieces. Have a look at what you can do with chalk pastels and oil pastels.

3. Watercolour Pencil Crayons – Similar to coloured pencils, these are unique in that they are water soluble. You can create a water-colour effect by painting water on top of your drawings, allowing you to blend your colours. Here is an example of watercolour pencil crayons.

4. Crayons – Not just for kids! Crayons are a perfectly legitimate medium to work with, especially when you’re playing around. Remember that you can layer colours to get more variations. Check out this crayon drawing.

5. Markers – Used a lot in illustrations, markers are great for a clean, graphic look. Copic markers are relatively new on the market; they are pricey but they allow for blending. If marker is your thing, check them out! Here’s a drawing in copic marker.

6. Paint – Don’t be fooled, paint can be used for drawing! It’s all in the application of the paint. Using different tools can help you get away from the more traditional painterly approach; try things like sticks, sponges, stamps, strings, etc. Take a look at this painted drawing.

There are a lot of different materials out there. The trick to finding the ones that suit you best is experimenting. Try as many different things as you can and you’ll soon find the ones you are drawn to.


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  1. Drawing so often is used to teach exercises we forget how cool it can be. Especially crayons and colored pencils. These materials often times have an unsophisticated image, but those examples you posted remind us of how sophisticated our favorite childhood medium can be. As a painter I often used color pencils to sketch out plans and ideas. Now colored pencils are one of my two main mediums. They are completely under rated.

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